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Serial number mismatch issues

Currently I have a Motorola Edge Plus (2022) and a Lenovo ThinkReality A3.

I purchased the A3 Industrial Development Kit.

I went to my account settings and filled in the serial number (Motorola phone model-serial number) and company name, but it said it was not found.

The link says to scan the QR code, but my phone doesn't have the

I don't get a window to scan the QR, I'll attach a picture.

1. please let me know what I need to do to link my phone to my account. 

Build number: T1SHS33.35-23-22-8

2. please provide instructions on what I need to do to get a ThinkReality Cloud Portal account.

I purchased the A3 + Motorola industrial kit.

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Hi Rnd,
Can you please share the serial number of your Moto Edge?

To find the serial number of your device, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Settings" app on your phone.
  2. Select "About Phone."
  3. Tap on "Model."

- Norbert

Motorola Edge Plus (2022)


There is documentation for the Thinkability Cloud Portal up to year 22, but the documentation for year 22 is broken, 

and the forum is not answered.

So I'm guessing that the cloud portal has been transferred to Qualcomm, is that correct? 

One of the reasons I wanted to sign up for the cloud portal was to download 

One of the reasons I wanted to sign up for the cloud portal was because I needed administrator privileges to download TR Cast and TR Home.

I thought that the administrator privilege was the cloud portal, but it said that I could download it without a cloud portal account if I followed certain procedures, but I couldn't download TR Cast and TR Home even though I followed the procedures. 

The link to the procedure is

How can I download TR Cast and TR Home?

Hi Rnd,
TR Cast and TR Home should be automatically downloaded by the Universal Device Client app. If you accidentally deleted these apps, open UDC and tap on 'Check for updates.' The system will suggest installing TR Cast/TR Home, and you will just need to confirm the installation.

Let me know if this helps.

- Norbert

UDC version:

When I check for updates, I get the message No updates available.

Currently, the only app I have with the name TR is TR Hub.

I've uninstalled it once and tried to install it again, even with 4-factor authentication.

Can you please provide me with the APKs for TR Cast and TR Home?

Hi Rnd,

TR Cast and TR Home are Lenovo apps, so we don't have corresponding APKs.

Could you please try factory resetting the Moto Edge and then connect A3 to perform a clean installation of UDC?

Please avoid downloading UDC from the app store or any other services, as it might be incompatible with Snapdragon Spaces. UDC should be automatically installed once you connect the glasses.

Let me know if you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else.

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