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Motorola Edge 30 Pro - ROW SW Version

I setup 3 Motorla Edge 30 Pro (Rest of World Variant) and the latest available SW for all phones is: S1SH32.55-70-5

Is this the correct version or should we be receiving a SW update for ROW Variant, as in documentation you are referring to S1SH32.55-78-8 or S1SH32.55-78-10 

Jan, correct you should be updating to S1SH32.55-78-8 as a ROW phone. Where did you get your devices, and can you send us the serial numbers?

Those are 3 samples from the DevKits we ordered from Lenovo. The remaining DevKits from the same order will be distributed to the developers at next week's Hubraum event. I provided the serial number already using the link from the Developer Portal:




Thanks for you support!

Thank you Jan, please contact your Lenovo representative, we have informed them of your issue as well but they can help with your resolution.

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