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Handset to XR Glasses Latency

We're exploring the possibility of using edge rendering with the XR Glasses dev kit, and looking at a pipeline where AR content is streamed to the mobile handset (Snapdragon Spaces Controller), and then sent to the XR Glasses which act as an Android secondary display - do you have tech specs on what kind of latency to expect between mobile handset and XR Glasses?

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I will try to get the specs for this, but be aware it's very device dependent. Currently we support 2 Motorola phone versions and 1 HMD - Lenovo A3 glasses. As we get more devices supported, the combinations will all have unique perf. profiles.  Later this year we'll be coming out with our wireless HMD reference design (e.g. wireless HMD support) which I suspect will have a different latency profile. We do have minimum performance indicators for usability, but I'm not sure we share those - I can check.

- Ron

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