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Marker and 3D Object Recognition Features

We need data on our current direction, so we need to use Aruco instead of QR codes. However, it seems that Aruco recognition is currently not working. Is this intentional? If not, do you have plans to support Aruco or various other markers in the future?

Additionally, I noticed on the official website that there is information about 3D object recognition feature, not just image tracking technology, which is not present in the documentation. Will the ability to recognize 3D objects be added in future versions? If so, when can we expect this addition?

The current version is 0.21.1 and is in testing.

Please check it out and get back to us.

Hi again,

Short update on what to expect on QR Codes; We differentiate between 

  • Detection Distance - Max distance to the QR code until it is registered
  • Tracking Distance - Max distance to continue tracking an already registered QR code

For a V1, size 10cm QR code our investigation resulted in a detection distance of 2m and a tracking distance of 3m. 

A lower detection distance for a V3 QR Code is expected. The higher the version, the lower the detection distance. 

Please make sure to limit the version in your QR Code generator to V1. 

Glares and low lighting conditions in the environment can also negatively affect the detection distance. Please take that into account. 


We'll take your suggestion into consideration and give it a try. We've been holding off on testing QR codes for now for a future update. We will ask further questions after testing. Thank you! :)

안녕하세요. 오랜만에 소식을 전해드리겠습니다.

개선되지 않고 있으므로 테스트 환경 구성의 사진을 보내 주시겠습니까?


our benchmark setup uses an office environment with ~700 lux diffuse lighting. No direct light close to the QR code, and no reflective surfaces. Lower lighting levels and unfavorable environments can lower the detection and tracking distance. This setup has ~3m tracking and ~2m detection distance using a 10cm V1 QR code 

Here a picture:

hello. I'm writing to get a little more specific information.

1. what resolution did you use?

2. What is the range when tested with a 5cm QR Code.

3. what version of Unity, Android, and SDK did you experiment with?

I was testing on version 0.21 for reference. 

Unity version is 2021.3.32f1.

Android version is 13.

When I tested with the website you sent I choose the option vector which doesn't really have a resolution. 

The resolution should be as high as possible or vector for the best result. 

We only have official benchmark tests for 10cm QR codes, but my personal testing showed a distance of ~1.2m for a 5cm Version 1 code. 

Our tests were conducted with Snapdragon Spaces 0.21.0, 0.20.0, and 0.19.1. Android 13 on the phone and Unity 2021.3.16.

What's the firmware on your glasses? You can check it in TR Hub > About when the glasses are plugged in. It should include 1127 as the first 4 digits after user. 


To add something more.

I set the QR image to svg for testing.

I'm using a Motorola Edge Plus and I'm using the

Build number is TISHS33.35-23-22-8.

Please check the firmware version of the A3 glasses themselves as well. Here's how to find it:

1. Open TR Hub and press the menu button in the upper left corner

2. Choose About

3. Check the firmware. In the screenshot below the firmware is A3_user_S1040[...]

Please check if your glasses are using the latest firmware which starts with A3_user_S1127[...]

정말 업데이트해야 하나요?

A3 Home version:

A3 firmware version: A3_user_S1040001_2208180059_sdm710_postcs8

A3 Core version: 2.1.2

App Space Service version:

It says

As I said yesterday, it doesn't say 1127.

Do I really need to update?

I have checked the firmware.

A3 Home version:

A3 firmware version: A3_user_S1040001_2208180059_sdm710_postcs8

A3 Core version: 2.1.2

App Space Service version:

in the file. 

The 1127 numbering does not seem to be included.

Yes, this could explain the lower detection and tracking distance you are seeing. Please take a look at this guide:  Upgrade to Android 13 | Snapdragon Spaces™ Unity and Unreal SDKs ( Your message from yesterday was marked as spam and I didn't see it at first. Sorry about that! 

I deleted the app called Companion and TR Hub installed fine. I got the update and the A3's update changed to the version with 1127.

TR Hub version:

TR Home hasn't downloaded anything yet.

A3 firmware version: A3_User_S1127001_2303071610_sdm710_postcs8

When I received the update normally

the recognition rate improved slightly, but not as much as you said. 

2 meter recognition /3 meter max distance you mentioned.

Currently we are at 1 meter recognition / 2 meter max range.

Also, the recognition rate drops significantly when the QR is not a forward facing image. (Recognition rate for QR images rotated 90~270 degrees) Could you please test this as well? Looking forward to your reply, thanks for your efforts.

Translated with (free version)

I'd like to talk about this in more detailed numbers.

1. 10cm recognition rate is limited to 2.5m.

2. 5cm recognition rate is limited to 1.3 meters.

3. The recognition distance and the maximum distance are the same.

4. recognition is unstable even if my vision is not moving fast (Ex: if I move forward, backward, left, right while staring at the QR, it will be interrupted and then recognized again)

내 모토로라 휴대폰의 앱은 TR Hub가 아니라 A3 Companion이라고 합니다.

보내주신 링크를 따라가려고 했는데

휴대폰과 A3를 연결하면 A3 Companion에 A3 Home, 펌웨어, Core 버전 및 Space Service 버전이 표시되지만 A3를 업데이트하라는 메시지는 표시되지 않습니다.

앞서 말했듯이 펌웨어 버전은 A3_user_S1040001_2208180059_sdm710_postcs8입니다.

업데이트하려면 업데이트 창이 나타나야 하지만 표시되지 않습니다. 이 경우 어떻게 해야 합니까?

번역 (무료 버전)

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