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Marker and 3D Object Recognition Features

We need data on our current direction, so we need to use Aruco instead of QR codes. However, it seems that Aruco recognition is currently not working. Is this intentional? If not, do you have plans to support Aruco or various other markers in the future?

Additionally, I noticed on the official website that there is information about 3D object recognition feature, not just image tracking technology, which is not present in the documentation. Will the ability to recognize 3D objects be added in future versions? If so, when can we expect this addition?

The current version is 0.21.1 and is in testing.

Please check it out and get back to us.

On Aruco - I'll file a Feature Request for that. Similar to Aruco QRCodes with level 1 have the highest detection distance because they have the lowest amount of data stored and the largest squares. If you want to use Aruco regardless you can use their textures with Image Tracking instead. 

On The focus window - This will need to go into a Feature Request as well. Currently there's no possibility to do this. 

On vertices and Z direction:

I can capture this as a Feature Request as well. 

Since the marker size is fixed, you should be able to calculate the vertex positions based on the center position, XZ direction and fixed physical marker size. 

E.g. Upper Left Corner Position = QR Center + XZ Direction * 0.5

Depending on your needs you will need to play with local and world coordinates. 

As a second option you could create a prefab with child objects at each corner that is instantiated for the QR Code. The child objects will give you transform data on the vertices. 

Please note that our Feature Request process may take a lot of time right now. I recommend using QR Codes instead of Aruco as a workaround in the meantime. 

I need values for each vertex and Z in the QR degree center.

Currently, the QR only seems to give me the XZ direction from the center.

Can I request a feature to provide values including vertices and Z?

The issue is closed and you'll write more here.

We chose to use Aruco because it has a high recognition rate over long distances (a 5cm marker is recognized at a distance of 2m).

Test device: Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Dev Kit 

Additional questions

1. Currently, the camera seems to recognize the entire area, but I would like to increase the QR recognition rate by narrowing the focus window area and zooming in on the image in the narrowed area like a typical QR app. Is there any way to do this?

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