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Cant download Snapdragon Spaces Services

I created a scene doing everything on the Unity Setup Guide and built it on my phone. Whenever I open the app it says "Please install the Snapdragon Services before starting this application!" and there is a download button. However, when I click to download, the app crashes and I couldn't find another way to download these services.

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Niazz, the Snapdragon Spaces Services apk is included in the Unity and Unreal SDK downloads. Please check the extracted files and you should be able to manually sideload the Services apk. In the future we will be providing this through other online downloadable methods, until then please update to the latest one provided as we release our SDK updates. Thanks!

I got the update for Snapdragon Services and it works now. Thank you!

We're getting the same issue with our dev kit. All the apps are up to date with the most current version.

The Glasses firmware is reported raw so it's not clear how to confirm its version number.

UDC Version:

Glass Firmware Version:

A3 user S1028001_2204241414_sdm710_postcs8

Perhaps the Unity application needs to be launched in a certain order or context on the phone?

Thank you!

Hi Msalpaydin,

Snapdragon Spaces currently only work on our dev-kit only, so you'll need to make sure that you're developing on a Spaces compatible dev-kit.

Once you have the hardware you'll need to run through the hardware set-up procedure outlined here;

After the firmware updates are on your devices, you should then be able to run Snapdragon Spaces applications.

Snapdragon Spaces Support Team


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