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Bug: recurring Unity deployment error after the first deployment (manifest error, probably)

(This is Pluto's Michael Becker, not Jared. I haven't received my own credentials yet)

I think this is a recurring major bug, that was able to repro on two different machines, 6 or 7 times, and I'm guessing you should be able to as well.

Machine: Mac & PC

Unity: 2021.3.1f1 (LTS)

SDK version: 0.4.1 (btw, the samples folder still reads "0.4.0")

1. Config everything per the instructions (including importing the package, samples, changing build settings, etc). The scene I've built derives from the main sample scene without most of the UI - I don't think that's relevant. 

2. The app will build and run, once

3. Upon further build iterations ("Build&Run" or "Build" and manually deploy from Unity and adb), the app will build fine and install to device just fine, but _not appear in the app drawer_ (the regular app section with the Unity logo). A new error will appear:


(See full attached logs. For your reference, this is almost certainly a manifest / custom main activity issue; see a similar problem on oculus here).

I tried, without any different result:

- uninstalling (via settings/apps/name-of-app, which does show, although doesn't let me launch) and reinstalling the package

- installing with `adb install`

- multiple force closures, soft and hard reboots incl. complete phone shutdown. 

The only current recourse is to start a new project with every deployment... which isn't great, of course.

Thank you!


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Hey Michael,

I ran through the setup instructions yesterday and everything built fine. However, I'm using Unity 2020.3.30f1. I'll try again with Unity 2021.3.1f1 to attempt to replicate your issue.

Thanks Steve - I suspect the Unity version may indeed be the culprit. Jared (real Jared ) has encountered the same behavior on the same version.

(recapping from workshop for posterity - Steve repro'd the bug on the 2021 version, switching to 2020 does indeed resolve)

Michael here again (this time with my own credentials! Thanks!)

Would you please update this thread once the 2021.3 but is resolved? Would be good to know we can switch to latest. Thanks!

We can, but we do not have an estimate for this at this time. Thanks!

We've completed our initial investigation on the issue and are exploring the best way to incorporate a fix into our next SDK release for Unity 2021. The issue is in regards to a new incremental build optimization for Android introduced in Unity 2021, of which our PostProcessor script is not compatible. There are two workarounds in the meantime to get around this issue:

1. Manually clean the gradle folder:

In your project, delete the folder in [Project_Path]/Library/Bee/Android/Prj/IL2CPP/Gradle

2. Do a Clean Build:

In Build Settings, click the down arrow next to "Build" and select "Clean Build..." in the pulldown menu. Note you will not be able to "Clean Build and run", but must manually deploy the apk to your device with this option, and it may take longer to build.

Thanks for alerting us to this issue!

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