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XR2+ Gen2 Chip Capabilities

Hi all I'm trying to figure out if "Gunyah" functionality is supported by the XR2+ Gen2 chips?

Hi again, I have preliminary confirmation that XR2+ Gen2 does support Gunyah per default. Please follow up on contacting official support channels to get explicit confirmation. 

I'd recommend the technical support form at Technical Support Form ( Requests like these usually go through an OEM that has contact with our Customer Engineering team. In case you are working with an OEM on your project, it might be easiest to have them reach out. 

Thanks for your information Simon, is there a better location that you're aware of to view the specific functionalities and support that the XR2+Gen2 has to offer ? 

Hi, unfortunately this question is outside the scope of Snapdragon Spaces support. I will try to forward the question to someone on the correct team. In the meantime, I would recommend reaching out to the support channels of the Qualcomm Developer Network, where you found the article about Gunyah. 

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