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Pure OpenXR SDK for Godot Engine support?


I am interested in getting Godot Engine supported with Snapdragon Spaces. From a quick look into the Unity SDK it looks like it is based on OpenXR with the standard QCOM vendor extensions for image tracking, plane detection ... etc., and I have seen the we need to link to, so I think this would be feasible.

I have experience with customising both Godot and Unreal for XR solutions on different platforms (e.g. automotive AR), so technically this should not be a problem getting out the necessary parts from the released SDKs and providing a Snapdragon Spaces plugin for Godot.

But it would make things way easier to maintain if there was a pure OpenXR SDK that could be used as a starting point. Is this something that the Qualcomm team would be interested in?

Thank you,
Gergely Kis

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We are not offering a pure OpenXR SDK at this time, but will take this feedback into consideration for future releases. Thank you.

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