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Pure OpenXR SDK for Godot Engine support?


I am interested in getting Godot Engine supported with Snapdragon Spaces. From a quick look into the Unity SDK it looks like it is based on OpenXR with the standard QCOM vendor extensions for image tracking, plane detection ... etc., and I have seen the we need to link to, so I think this would be feasible.

I have experience with customising both Godot and Unreal for XR solutions on different platforms (e.g. automotive AR), so technically this should not be a problem getting out the necessary parts from the released SDKs and providing a Snapdragon Spaces plugin for Godot.

But it would make things way easier to maintain if there was a pure OpenXR SDK that could be used as a starting point. Is this something that the Qualcomm team would be interested in?

Thank you,
Gergely Kis

We are not offering a pure OpenXR SDK at this time, but will take this feedback into consideration for future releases. Thank you.

In this case, is the same SpacesServices.apk used for both Unity and Unreal app?

Yes absolutely the same Services apk supports apps built with either engine.

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