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Access to Raw Camera Stream


will access to raw camera data of RGB and/or stereo cameras be available for developers?



Thank you for your feedback, we've added it to our request list for RGB Camera feed for consideration in future releases.

Dear Steve,

I just joined the forum and was considering ordering the Dev Kit, however this is pretty disappointing.

For many use cases you need customised tracking that usually won't work with the built-in tracker (e.g. if you need very accurate tracking of the headset's pose relative to another objects with well defined features).

Kind regards,

We don't have plans to announce support for those cameras at this time, but will consider your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback. What about access to the grey scale stereo cameras. Are you also looking into providing support for getting access to raw data for those as well in the future? Or will you limit access to RGB Camera? 

We don't provide raw access to the RGB camera data at the present moment, but we are looking into best ways of supporting this feature in the future.

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