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Think Reality Industrial Edition (A3 + Moto g100)

Hey guys

Before I dive in I would like to get opinions on Dev Kit. Can I still deploy the sample APKs to Industrial Edition (uses Snapdragon 870) or will it fail ? I am trying to use my existing dev kit and delay ordering another phone (edge+) 

Hello, you will not be able to use Snapdragon Spaces SDK with the Motorola G100, and will indeed need the Edge+ phone. Note that you can of course still use the ThinkReality SDK to build for the G100.

Ok good to know. Do you know if an Edge+ phone purchased outside of dev kit will work or will need to be purchased form dev kit . Also, can I order just the Edge+ phone and pair it with my existing A3 headset ? 

You'll need to order hardware though the devkit portal as these are the only ones that will be currently targeted for Snapdragon Spaces. Once you have the hardware you'll need to follow the setup instructions;

After the firmware is updated you'll be able to create and run Spaces applications.

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