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Publishing/Distributing Snapdragon Spaces App


as Snapdragon Spaces Apps are published on GooglePlay Store and as there is no "Tag""Filter" for Snapdragon Spaces Apps it might be difficult for users to find relvant Apps. 

1. Is there any app naming convention or guideline that might help users to find relevant apps. E.g." AppName + QCOM Spaces" 

2. It would be good to have another place/website listing all Snapdragon Spaces Apps and then linking to GooglePlay store for download. This also opens the possibility to regularly feature/promote specific apps.

3. Ultimatively it would be great to convice Google to add a tag/filter to GooglePlay Store...



This has been a problem before and the trick I used to find Nreal device compatible apps was to search the GooglePlay apps based on namespace ID (e.g. com.Nreal) but that of course is too nerdy for commercial use and may not be applicable here (still reading the documentation)
Thank you for the feedback! We don’t have a recommended app naming recommendation at this time, and we’ve been looking at different options to enhance discovery. At the current time, Snapdragon Spaces is still in its earliest of days as we are seeding this market, so we are focused primarily on experimentation and early projects, with robust broad app deployment being fleshed out for later in the timeline.
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