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QR Code Recognition Distance


오랜만에 QR인식 거리 동영상을 보내드렸는데 반응이 없어서 놓쳤다고 생각했습니다.

현재 QR코드 인식률과 거리 인식은 퀄컴이 알려주는 거리보다 불안정하다.

저도 me2u로 영상을 보내드렸으니 참고로 답변해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.

I've reached out to my colleague in Seoul last week but did not receive a response yet. I'll keep you informed once there is an update. Please be patient for now.

Alternatively, if time urgency demands and it is within your capabilities I would recommend acquiring a second devkit to compare yourself. 

Still not connecting with your coworkers?

I'm reaching out to a colleague located in South Korea who could perhaps assist you further by comparing to a second A3 device or with a potential hardware defect. Sorry for the delayed response this was due to public holidays in the US and Europe last week. 

Will this delay my response? 

Or is it missing?

I don't have an answer, so I'm leaving an additional one.

Thank you.

You're right, South Korea.

The video looks fine. At this point I'm not sure what else could possibly cause this problem without access to the device. Could you please answer the question about your location and I can put you into contact with one of our local people? 

We've tried testing with what you requested.
SDK version: 0.23
Tested: Driving a camera frame access scene

I have sent the video to me2u, so please check it and reply in the forum.

You are located in Korea right? I'm going to ask one of my collegues to connect with you to see if we can check your device, or perhaps find a second A3 for you that you could use to verify. 

If there was a hardware defect in the camera, the Camera Frame Access feature would not work perfectly either - perhaps the image you get is blurry, noisy, or shows other defects. Could you test that in the Snapdragon Spaces Samples please? Here's the documentation of the feature  Camera Frame Access (Experimental) | Snapdragon Spaces™ Unity and Unreal SDKs (

There is only one pair of glasses.

I can't really see anything that looks like a glitch.

I'm very careful with them, so I don't think there's any physical damage.


Sorry for the late reply. I got the video. Your environment and procedure look fine to me and I wanted to check with our engineering team on recommended next steps. 

At this point it is hard to tell what is going wrong exactly. We suspect that it could be due to a hardware defect on the glasses' camera. Do you only have one pair of glasses or a second one that you could evaluate? 


I sent you a video about QR recognition distance, but I didn't get any feedback, so I'm posting it on the forum again. 

Please check if you missed it. We will resend the video. 

Currently, the QR code recognition rate and distance recognition is unstable than the distance told by Qualcomm.

I also sent the video via me2u, so I would appreciate it if you could refer to it and respond.

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