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Large scale AR projects - VPS


Have you planned to create an integration for Google Geospatial API or Immersal VPS to enable large scale AR experiences? Most of SLAMs are great but in most of our customer cases we require help from VPS. 

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We do not have Plans to integrate Google Geospatial API or Immersal VPS at the moment. One VPS integration that is already working on Snapdragon Spaces is Niantic's Lightship SDK. Here's a link to a recent demo shown at GDC  Meet “Contraptions,” A Multiplayer Mixed Reality Experience using Snapdragon Spaces and Niantic Lightship VPS – Niantic Lightship

If you have a known partner manager at Qualcomm in the Snapdragon Spaces team, please reach out to them for details on the Snapdragon Spaces roadmap and potential plans for VPS integration. If your company does not have a partner manager, please send a mail with more info on your use case and requirements to and I can forward you to our partner management team. 

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