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Marker and 3D Object Recognition Features

We need data on our current direction, so we need to use Aruco instead of QR codes. However, it seems that Aruco recognition is currently not working. Is this intentional? If not, do you have plans to support Aruco or various other markers in the future?

Additionally, I noticed on the official website that there is information about 3D object recognition feature, not just image tracking technology, which is not present in the documentation. Will the ability to recognize 3D objects be added in future versions? If so, when can we expect this addition?

The current version is 0.21.1 and is in testing.

Please check it out and get back to us.


First, let me answer your question.

1. are you using the original Lenovo A3 cable? : Yes

2. is there any hardware defect or damage: No major damage.

3. environmental factors: I'll attach a picture, but it doesn't make much difference.

4. fast head movement after wearing the A3: I tested this aspect as well. I am confident that it is not.

5. Can you send me the video captured by TR Cast? :

5-1. It says that I need to contact the administrator to download TR Cast. I can't download it.

5-2. It seems that I need to sign up for a Lenovo ID, so I signed up and tried to log in, but I keep getting a login failure. I can log in fine on a PC or smartphone web browser. I created a personal account. Can I ask here if my Lenovo ID is not logged in? 

Translated with (free version)

(1.83 MB)


I couldn't use TR Cast, so I took a video and sent it to you via email. Please check it out and reply back! Thank you!

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