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Marker and 3D Object Recognition Features

We need data on our current direction, so we need to use Aruco instead of QR codes. However, it seems that Aruco recognition is currently not working. Is this intentional? If not, do you have plans to support Aruco or various other markers in the future?

Additionally, I noticed on the official website that there is information about 3D object recognition feature, not just image tracking technology, which is not present in the documentation. Will the ability to recognize 3D objects be added in future versions? If so, when can we expect this addition?

Additional Questions:

We are currently having an issue where we need to get closer than 50cm to recognize a 7cm QR code.

I am curious if the Snapdragon QR code recognition recognizes the entire screen size or if it recognizes a specific area with focus.

If it is the former, I am curious if there are any plans to support the latter method.


Aruco is currently not supported. Please see the recommendation and limitations in the docs QR Code Tracking Sample (

I can file a feature request for Aruco markers for our product team to consider. Can you please give more details on your usecase? Can you please describe the "current direction" that is missing from our QR codes in more detail? 

3D object recognition was originally supported by the wikitude SDK which some of our perception stack is built upon. It is not yet supported by Snapdragon Spaces but support will be added in the future. 

On A3 for example QR Code Tracking usees the RGB camera in the center of the device. You can access the camera via our Camera Frame Access feature. This is the window available for Snapdragon Spaces to detect QR codes. What device are you using? 

50 cm should not be a problem for a 7cm QR code. Did you set the correct size in the SpacesQrCodeManager? Please note that opposed to Image Tracking where every image can have a different size, for QR Code Tracking all QR codes must have the same physical size. 

As for selecting a specific focus window, this is currently not supported, but could be filed as a feature request as well, if you provide more details. 

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