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Native Video Deocoding Issues


At i2Cat Foundation, we're trying to decode a Hologram of a person directly on Qualcomm XR Chipsets through our Holoconference SDK for Unity. We're testing it in Lenovo ThinkReality VRX, Quest 2 and Quest 3 HMDs. Our system needs to decode an h264 or h265 frame in YUV444 pixel format stored in a byte*. For this, in Windows we've been using a low-level implementation of Ffmepeg for Unity Engine.
What we've seen while started the porting of our technology from Windows x64 to Qualcomm ARMv8 is that Android doesn't support natively YUV444 formats and we're attached to YUV420 (losing information in the process).
We created a native Java .AAR library for windows that uses MediaCodec to decode this frame. But we're facing some issues.
First of all is that we've seen in your documentation that seems that is possible to decode in other formats, but we weren't able to replicate it. Another thing that we've seen is that the performance is much less than expected, having 11 fps for a frame of 1200x1200 aprox. Now, we're conduncting some tests in all our devices to give you a table of performance.
To wrap up all, we want to know if it's possible to decode natively (HW accel if possible) an h264/h265 frame in YUV444 or at least YUV420. We've seen in some doc that you have been able to do it.

Kind regards.

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