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Use Snapdragon Spaces without game engine

Can I use the features of AR2 Gen1 without the use of Unity or Unreal? I see that SDK exists only for game engines. How can I have an API to spatial mapping or plane detection directly? I am not developing a game 

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Hi Denis,

Snapdragon Spaces is OpenXR standard compliant. You can in theory create your application running native following the OpenXR standard.

The OpenXR™ Specification ( 

While going native is an option, I'd recommend using either Unity or Unreal - they are not "just" for games. We do not have a native SDK available, and do not officially provide support on developing a native application.

A good starting point would be the Khronos Hello XR sample app:  OpenXR-SDK-Source/ at main · KhronosGroup/OpenXR-SDK-Source · GitHub  

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