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Azure Spatial Anchor/Cloud Anchor support.


Does the team have any plans to work with Microsoft to add support for Azure Spatial Anchors to the Spaces stack?  We've found these to be very useful for  creating AR scenes that can be consistently positioned and displayed by  different devices. 

Alternatively, does your roadmap include plans for extending your current  spatial anchor support to support cloud persistence and potentially cross-device sharing of anchors? An Open XR alternative to Azure Spatial Anchors would be extremely useful.



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Hi Keith,

our public roadmap is available at  Snapdragon Spaces Roadmap - Snapdragon Spaces ( and yes it does have Cloud Anchors on it marked as planned. Though there is no estimation for a release date yet. We see the need to support co-located experiences as well and are working on providing a solution to Snapdragon Spaces developers. 

I will file a ticket to our product team about Azure Spatial Anchors support for their consideration. 

Thanks for your feedback!

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