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Cannot sign in with Lenovo ID for Cloud Streaming?

Hello everyone,

briefly - I want to try recording a video from my ThinkReality A3 using Cloud Streaming, as local streaming has been slightly issued.

However, I am failing to log in using my main account, and am experiencing UX issues when creating a new one on the Motorola.

What can I do to solve this issue? It would mean a lot to me if I can try Cloud Streaming for recording.

Thank you in advance!

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Cloud streaming is only available if you have access to a Lenovo Portal owned by your company. It's original use case was for remote assistance scenarios and cloud streaming does not offer a recording option like the local streaming option does. The Qualcomm owned portal that you likely registered too does not give you access to cloud streaming. 

If you do have access to a company owned Lenovo Portal please contact your Lenovo representative for assistance. 

For TRCast local streaming I've seen a lot of improvement when using private local networks e.g. in home office while shared networks in office environments often show low frame rates. 

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