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XRHands Support


Are there any plans to support XRHands through Snapdragon Spaces any time soon? We currently rely on XRHands for our entire project, so the QCHT manager for hand data is incompatible with our setup.


Hey Matt,

We don't have plans for official support but in an upcoming version of Snapdragon Spaces we plan on supporting XR_EXT_hand_interaction in addition to XR_EXT_hand_tracking, which should allow you to run XRHands with the Spaces Services. 

I will update this when there is a confirmed release date for the extension. 

That'd be super! Is there a rough eta for that support, if not a hard date?

I can not make promises, but it is scheduled for a release in approximately ~6 weeks. Note that this is subject to change and may be postponed/delayed if circumstances require. 

The current state of QCHT supports HandTracking via XR Interaction Toolkit, which is either the same or better than XRHands. The hand representation of XRHands is more generic and QCHT is better at this point. You may want to consider upgrading your project.  XR Interaction Toolkit | XR Interaction Toolkit | 2.5.1 ( 

Cool, thanks! Our project is super reliant on XRHands as we are cross-platform with a variety of other hand subsystems in use. Will wait for updates on the XR_EXT_hand_tracking support :)

Hey, are there any updates on this release?

Hi Matt,

the hand tracking extension made it into the 0.18.0 release. Unfortunately, this release is not a public one that can be downloaded on our dev portal.

We will be reaching out to internal contacts at Ultraleap to continue. 

The next public release is 0.19.0 which is scheduled in ~1 month and can be downloaded from our dev portal. 

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