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Updating from v14 to v15 breaks Composition Layers

Hello guys!

Just wondering if something needs to be changed in addition when upgrading from v14 to v15 because currently Compostion Layers are broken and my Gaze Pointer is not being shown, even though it is working.

For the record, I have triple checked and I am using OpenGLES 3 and nothing but.

Also, for some reason, I have noticed more clipping issues on UI after upgrading.

Any help is appreciated and most welcome!


Hi Danilo,

the composition layers were added with 0.15.0 so our samples have changed. Please make sure you follow the documentation when setting this up

Please ensure the following:

- Exchange prefabs you may have made of the gaze pointer with new ones from the samples. 

- There is a Spaces Composition Layer script in your scene (preferably on the Gaze Pointer Game Object). 


- The Spaces Composition Layer must be assigned a render texture.

-This render texture needs the following format settings: image

The render texture is being rendered to by an additional camera in the scene. Feel free to look at the samples for guidance on the scene setup.

Hand meshes not being drawn suddenly, as well as sometimes 3 (three) hands detected.

Also, not to polute the main post - but many things are broken.

Also kinda insane how the most basic SDK asset is in the Samples folder.

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