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No application present on the phone


I am making application using Thinkreality a3.

when I build and download the app to the phone and execute it, It shows the content in the glass. And It works well

But the problem is the phone screen is just at the menu bar. It doesn't show anything.

And When I click the recent app button in the phone, it show nothing.

So to try to terminate the app I just plug out. At this time, there goes a message in the phone says "Tap to restart this app and go full screen"

How can I solve this?

Thanks a lot.


Could you please provide the following info: 

  1. Are you using Unity to create your app?
  2. It sounds like you're using our Dual Render Fusion feature. Is that true or are you using the default companion controller? The companion controller screen looks like this:
  3. Could you make a screenshot of what you're seeing? 
  4. Could you check the firmware versions of your A3 glasses and Motorola Edge device? Here are the latest versions  Helpdesk : Qualcomm - please make sure your devices are fully up to date. 

If you need instructions on how to update your A3 device - it depends on the model. For Motorola Edge Plus devices in the US with Android 12 updates can be installed via Lenovo UDC. For the international Motorola Edge Pro a guide is available here  Helpdesk : Qualcomm

Here is the hardware setup for A3 and Motorola Edge with instructions how to update your Motorola Edge device Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Dev Kit | Snapdragon spaces ( 


Yes I am using unity. But 

I am not using dual render fusion.

I want to show that default companion controller in my phone when I turn on the app.

But nothing appears on the phone.

Should I do something to see that controller?

I made a really simple app just to try see if hand tracking works.

So What I did is just made 'xr origin' and attached some scripts. like the tutorial of hand tracking. And it works. But the phone screen is the problem.

It says there my app is not executed on the phone. (I just got the picture from google because I dont have phone now.) It is really like the pictures below. just menu page. And my app is not in the recent app page



Hi again, sorry for the delayed response. 

You seem to be using a Xiaomi phone - wich device exactly are you using?

The only supported devices for A3 are Motorola Edge 30 pro and plus. The glasses don't work with Snapdragon Spaces when connected to your phone.  

Here's a list of supported devices  Devices - Snapdragon Spaces ( 

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