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Security on Distribution of Apps

Im currently working on an app similar to vtuber studio currently using Unity. 

I am familiar with Qualcomm Chipsets in general. 

I myself develop all my apps with my own DRM for Android Devices. Google Play Store is very restrictive in this matter. However App Store from Apple had no problems with it. 

I fech data from the device to perform checks server side. Such as unique identifiers of the device. 

As most of the time i need to perform over the air updates to customers i coded a small library for qualcomm chipsets however i had no succes while compiling it. IT disables the handtracking library and crashes with an overflow while doing tracking. 

Will we as developers have access to QCHT and  debug it`s behaivour so i can be sure it will work on all devices (and compile for Android 12 to 13? 

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are you asking about a debug build of the QCHT library with debugging symbols? 

I'm not sure about your project setup - this small library for Qualcomm chipsets is a part of a Snapdragon Spaces Unity project that's using QCHT?

Perhaps we can help you if you can provide a log of the compiler and the crash. 


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