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v13 issue with unity XR camer and hand tracking

I have updated my Unity project from v12 to v13 and now I am getting very weird camera issues with Unity 2021.3.25f1. 

- It's very unstable in the latest version

- issues with hand tracking only working in the forward direction of the initial load of the scene.

- The directions in the dev get started do not work appear to work when you look to deploy QCHT. 

Is it possible to get someone to confirm the getting started with the latest SDK? I suspect changes with OpenXR are causing issues with the current step of instructions.

Hi Mark, 

About the issues you are having: 

  • Are you referring to the camera frame access feature or are you having issues with the camera in Unity? - Please specify. 
  • Could you describe "hand tracking only working in the forward direction of the initial load of the scene" in more detail please?
  • Could you specify which step of the getting started page you mean is incorrect? A link to the site you are referring to would help. Import additional packages | Snapdragon spaces ( is the site about importing the QCHT packages.
  • Instability can have several Issues, it might be performance related or have other causes. I'd recommend building a debug version of your app, connect the phone via adb wifi and then run the unity profiler for more info about stability. If with stability you are referring to crashes | freezes | studder please provide a log. 

Note that the recommended Unity version is 2021.3.16 though patch versions should usually not affect the plugin.

Morning Simon, 

The issue was how the user camera was drawing in the actual runtime. We have since rebuilt the project removing any potiential conflicts with older (snapdragon spaces v011). It appears that resolved the issue when using Unity 2021.3.16+. 

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