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Dev Kit A3 glasses cable broken

My A3 glasses display cable often cannot give the power since I got the Dev Kit.

I usually need to unplug & plug several times to have the power if I was luck.
Then it was not working anymore last month.

We have another A3 glasses and I test the cable no any issue like the older one.

But we need 2 set of A3 glasses for coming event.

How can I replace the broken cable or buy an new one?

Because this cable is special for A3 glasses

You can start the process for getting a replacement cable by emailing your glasses serial number and issues description to

Please send an email to Lenovo support to request a replacement cable. 

Lenovo Integrated Solutions Support <>

Include the contents of this forum post and the serial number of your moto phone in the email. The serial number can be found in using the Android Settings app at "About phone -> Model -> Serial number"

Hi Mao,
In general, I'd recommend contacting local Lenovo representative and order the original cable.
But if it's not an option, this alternative should also work (1m or less is preferable).

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

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