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Scan QR code using A3 glass camera.

 I want to open a unity scene by scanning a QR code. can we use A3 glass camera for reading QR code?

We currently do not provide access to the feed from the cameras on the glasses. However it *is* on our roadmap.


If you'd like to upvote that feature then you can do so on the Roadmap page.

If you know ahead of time what the QR code is, then you could get this to work by utilizing our image tracking functionality, which is currently supported.

- Ron Fosner - Snapdragon Spaces Support

That's a cool idea to open a unity scene with a QR code.

I'm sure that it's definitely possible to use an A3 glass camera for reading QR codes and that it's not that complicated.
One option you might want to check out is the echnology - they have a barcode and QR code scanning engine that can work with various camera types, including A3 glass cameras.
I looked up their website and they have a lot of useful info and resources that could help you out. They even offer a free demo so you can test out their technology for yourself. Good luck with your project, and let us know how it goes!

Great post. But it seems to me that the last comment resembles spam...I mean this

Pointing out a possible solution for QR code reading should be fine. Though I'd recommend looking at plugins from the Unity Asset Store as they are likely easier to integrate. Since the time this was posted we have added Camera Frame Access to the list of Spaces features.

How did the idea to open a unified scene with your QR code come about? Vampire Survivors

It's a cool idea to use a QR code to open a unity scene. drift hunters

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