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The Lenovo Companion app is not Spaces

 The Lenovo Companion app is a utility app provided by Lenovo that can be used to examine and change setting for your ThinkReality A3 glasses.


The companion app can be used to examine and modify some setting for your A3 glasses, however it is a separate application from Snapdragon Spaces.

Thank you for sharing about   Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Dev Kit | Snapdragon Spaces ( Dash Scratch   i will install it now


The companion app is deprecated since the devkits are using Android 13 now. The companion app functionality is now handled by TR Hub. 

The app automatically installs via UDC when setting up a dev kit. 

Here's the documentation for the devkit setup:  Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Dev Kit | Snapdragon Spaces ( See step #7 for the app installs and then for the Android 13 installation process. 

Does Lenovo Companion app have a trial version? I've never used it so I want to check it out carefully before signing up 

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