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ARPlanemanager -- Plane Classification is broken?

Does plane classification not work? I'm going through the trackables list of ARPlanes in ARPlaneManager, and none of them see to be set to Wall or Floor, which is what I'm looking for. But the planes I see are obviously walls and floors. Is this broken in the Snapdragon implementation?

Yeah just verified, every plane's classification is set to "None". Is this something that will be fixed in the next SDK?

I think the problem here is that the glasses just don't generate very accurate planes. I had to make my own plane classifier that has a wide tolerance for the angle of the normal. The dot product with the up vector can be maybe .95-.99 on floor planes (where the dot is supposed to be 1), and as high as .25 or so on wall planes (where it's supposed to be around 0).

I'm guessing ARFoundation just assumes these aren't floor and wall planes with those normals?

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