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XR Interaction seems....uh....complicated?

So how do you just respond to as simple tap on the touchpad?

The XR Interaction Toolkit sample definitely seems a bit overwrought---what exactly are these Input Actions? Or is this the new Unity Input System I've never actually used and that I should probably read about?

All I'm trying to do right now is respond to a tap on the pad. Is there a simple example of that?

Oh this IS the ‘new’ input system! I’ve somehow avoided using it all these years. A simple example would be appreciated, though.

Yes, you can respond to the touchpad using the XR Interaction Toolkit. See the Sample Controller in the Main Menu scene in the Core Samples (imported from the Snapdragon Spaces SDK Package) and look at MainMenuSampleController.cs, where an TouchPadInputActionReference is set to Pointer/touchpad, assigning it to the Touchpad of the Companion Controller. From here in this file, check the OnEnable() and OnDisable() commands, which assign callbacks for when the action is “performed”.

Aha! Ok I see it. 

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