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Snapdragon 0.8.1 wrong visualization on the Smart glasses


I'm developing an app exploiting Anchor, with the Snapdragon 0.7.0 the mixed reality visualization was correct on the smartglasses. When i have updated the SDK to the 0.8.1 i see on the smartglasses the right view switched with the left view and the holograms are not integrated in the enviroment, instead are fixed in 2D.

Downgrading the sdk to 0.7.0 the issue disappears.

Best regards

With a restart of the device the problem disappears.

Thank you for your support



Did you update both the SDK and Snapdragon Spaces Services to 0.8.1? If you updated Spaces Services, did you restart the phone after updating and try again? If you're using an existing sample and seeing this behavior, please let us know steps to reproduce this, thanks.

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