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Apps not showing up on glasses

 I followed the steps to set up my Motorola edge 30 pro with the Thinkreality A3.
Companion app will start, but I can only see "ThinkReality" logo in the glasses, even after clicking A3 Home.
It's the same with SnapDragon Space samples. I see the controller on the phone, but inside the glasses it turns black when app start.
(I waiting for the glasses to properly boot before starting the app)

Lenovo Universal Device Client app says my firmware version is
A3_user_S915001_2201281457_sdm710_postcs5 (too old right ?)
When I click "Check for updates" it displays the message "Updates are being processed", in my phone's notifications, Lenovo Universal Device Client is supposed to display the progress, but there is only an empty notification.

Phone OS version is up to date (S1SHS32.55-78-10-1)

Compared to
I dont have these app installed :
- Mobile App Launcher
- Glasses Firmware 983

UDC Error message:
Error LcpSync  Error message: MTLS registration is not yet completed.
Error LcpSyncNrtEventCallback  Error message: onFailure call failed reason: Device not registered
Error CommonUpdatePolicyUtil  Error message: BootCompletedService: update policy or update scope is null
Error ConfigPolicyAgent  Error message: Critical log: httpResponse:0
Warn libc Access denied finding property "ro.serialno"

Snapdragon space services:
Error spaces.service Not starting debugger since process cannot load the jdwp agent.
Debug CompatibilityChangeReporter Compat change id reported: 171979766; UID 10365; state: DISABLED
Verbose GraphicsEnvironment ANGLE Developer option for '' set to: 'default'
Verbose GraphicsEnvironment Updatable production driver is not supported on the device.
Debug NetworkSecurityConfig No Network Security Config specified, using platform default
Debug NetworkSecurityConfig No Network Security Config specified, using platform default
Info QtiOpenXRRuntimeBroker onCreate: runtime broker create
Info TAG onCreate: ---------------
Info AdrenoGLES-0 QUALCOMM build                   : 9e1ca0ee7b, I57ad181233
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Build Date                       : 12/05/21
Info AdrenoGLES-0 OpenGL ES Shader Compiler Version: EV031.36.08.01
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Local Branch                     :
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Remote Branch                    :
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Remote Branch                    :
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Reconstruct Branch               :
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Build Config                     : S P 12.1.1 AArch64
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Driver Path                      : /vendor/lib64/egl/
Info AdrenoGLES-0 Driver Version                   : 0615.0
Info AdrenoGLES-0 PFP: 0x01730142, ME: 0x00000000

A3 Home :
Error enovo.xr.a3hom Not starting debugger since process cannot load the jdwp agent.
Error libprocessgroup set_timerslack_ns write failed: Operation not permitted
Error sxr onWindowFocusChanged(false) -- Ignoring....

Maybe something went wrong during registration ? Or apps installation ? Why can't I update the firmware ?

Thank for your help.

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That's the correct version of the A3 Firmware.

I'm going to assume that the glasses boot and you can see the "Thinkreality" logo

Verify that you are running a recent version of Spaces Services - long press the Snapdragon Services icon and bring up App Info - the version number is at the bottom

Reboot your phone, plug in the glasses and let them boot up.

Run the Unity samples that come with the Snapdragon Services - they pretty much always work.
The version of the samples should math the version of the services.
Always exit the sample using the Quit button to gracefully shut things down.

If that fails, then make sure the Spaces Services is NOT running (Press Spaces Services icon, and force stop if it's running) unplug/replug the glasses, let them boot and try again.

If this fails 3x in a row without rebooting the phone, then we've got an issue. It's not unusual to get a fail to launch a time or two.

If the samples work then you should be able to create Spaces apps yourself. If they fail then there's some issue and we'll assist in getting you up and running.

- Ron Fosner

Spaces Support Team
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