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Support for Multithreaded Rendering


currently there is no support for Multithreaded Rendering. Could you explain the reasons behind it? Is that topic on the roadmap?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ron, thanks for reporting it. Sorry for the late response. That option was the one I was talking about.

I had a chance to try enabling the multithreaded  rendering option and it does fail to build - I've entered a bug report on it.

Hi Chris,

    so we use the OpenXR specification and the actual rendering is done in the game engine (Unity/Unreal) - they control the rendering path so support for multi-threaded rendering would be in their OpenXR interface. Also OpenGL is used in Unity, Vulcan in Unreal. What exactly are you looking for.

That said there are also rendering features and texture formats that may be available in engine, but that are not (yet) supported by Qualcomm's OpenXR or driver implementation. We are working with both engines to incorporate some of our driver/hardware features into their engines but it's not going to be called out in our XR roadmap.  If there is some specific feature you are looking for let us know and we can see if it's already being planned on, if not we can see about putting into the schedule.

- Ron Fosner - Spaces Support

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