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Does anyone run default "SnapdragonSpacesServices_0_7_0.apk" working?

I tried the apk file in the SDK070.

The host controller UI will show 1~2 sec on phone, then the glass and the phone will crash the app(app will be closed)

Now every app which I create with 050 & 061 will be black (sometimes the glass will show the app is not worked text), the host controller still work but glass does not show anything.

I noticed the my SpacesServices is still 0.6.0, is that the reason?

Installed the service 0.7.0
but everything still get black

- the sample 0.7.0 could show host controller, but nothing on AR glass

- my older version apps do not show anything (only host controller)

Sorry, issue solved

I reinstall
(1) reinstall services 0.7.0

(2) reinstall samples 0.7.0

(3) one click the services app, press "Display over other apps" > set "A3 Home" as not allowed (-> this cause black over my app)
(4) long press the service app, ensure the Camera permissions in enable

app is working fine now?

Yes, after SDK 0.8.0. The stability is fine. Now SDK is 0.13
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