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Side-button API access? (+,-, etc.)


I was wondering whether the A3 buttons (volume up, down and the click inbetween) are exposed through any of the SDKs. They seem incredibly aligned with the OpenXR approach to Input profiles & action binding, but I haven't seen them used in any of the examples across both engines. If they're indeed not available, I'd *strongly* encourage implementing access to them as they're an incredibly viable input method, offering tactile feedback and easy UX that doesn't require any other device. 

FWIW it's easily one of the best designed bits of the Snap Spectacles (both at the OS level and the app level), and one I believe they're continuing to index on.


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I will check into that - right now those buttons are volume and brightness.  I will have to see if they can be added to the input profile.

- Snapdragon Spaces Team

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Thank you, Ron!

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