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Launching SnapdragonSpaces App issues


when launching any SnapdragonSpaces App via the provided Motorola Edge 30 Pro nothing shows up on the A3 ThinkReality, only the view on the phone shows up. I tried the provided samples which are shipped with the SDK and also imported the package into a custom Unity project - still nothing shows up on the glasses. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

These are the versions of the installed software:

A3 Home:

A3 Companion:

A3 Firmware Version: A3_user_S1028001_2204241414_sdm710_postcs8

A3 Core: 2.1.1

App Space Service:

SDK version: 0.6.1

Phone: Motorola Edge 30 Pro with S1SHS32.55-78-10-1

I also switched to the Developer Mode in the companion app.

The only issue I can see is that I have  S1SHS32.55-78-10-1 image on my phone, but your documentation states that the S1SHS32.55-78-8 is required for the 30 Pro phone.

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Snapdragon Spaces apps are still in the early release phases, and as such have some required steps in order to run them successfully. Please refer to this document under "Application start" to try out the recommended methods outlined:

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