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Saving Prefab to immutable folder is not allowed

I am getting this error when saving a scene with QCHT Avatar or when building with this scene in the build list.

Saving Prefab to immutable folder is not allowed: Packages/com.qualcomm.qcht.unity.interactions/Prefabs/QCHTAvatar.prefab

Saving Prefab to immutable folder is not allowed: Packages/com.qualcomm.qcht.unity.interactions/Prefabs/Hands/HandLeft.prefab

Saving Prefab to immutable folder is not allowed: Packages/com.qualcomm.qcht.unity.interactions/Prefabs/Hands/HandRight.prefab

As a work around, if I unpack the QCHTAvatar prefab completely, I can save and build but obviously this breaks the prefab. 


Macbook M1 Unity 2020.3.27f1

The Prefab comes from a Package so it cannot be modified, if you need to modify the Prefab then you would need to save a copy of the Prefab or generate a new Prefab and place it in a location inside your Assets folder.

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Hey Steve, thanks for the response. 

This happens without modifying the prefab. All I need to do to make this happen is add the QCHT Avatar prefab to the scene. and then try and save the scene or try to build. 

Check out the attached screen recording to see the issue. 

I'm ok for now because I just unpacked the prefab but will try your suggestion so I can keep the prefab setup.


Just repro'ed this, it looks like it may be related to this (something dirtying the prefabs on import) as I was able to simply drag the avatar in, remove it, and it still had the error:

In this case, then yes unpacking the prefab and creating a new local one should unblock you. Thanks for catching this, will report to the team.

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