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The Gaze point of URP

I am testing the URP support.

I found the Gaze point will be left-middle side of builded app. (It is no problem in Unity Editor)
It will cause the gaze point control difficult in URP.

BTW, and the Device point is relative rotate while the scene starting. 

The URP gaze position does not need to set Screen.Width * 0.25f (for dual eye: single pass).

Force the gaze position as Screen.Width * 0.5f could solve this issue.

Can you tell me if this is your own project or one of the SDK sample apps. This is the first time we've heard of an issue like this - it sounds like the ray cast is using the left eye position as part of the origin and not the middle eye position. It would look correct in the editor because there's just the one camera. Any more information will help us figure out what's going on.

Snapdragon Spaces Team

I just use the SDK example.

Change its Graphic setting as URP (cause I wanna try VFX and ShaderGraph stuffs), the recast position issue will happen.

It is fine in Built-in pipeline.

Here is my detail solution for dealing with this issue, add few lines in GazeInteractor.cs


private void RaycastUI(out List<RaycastResult> results, out PointerEventData pointerEventData, out Vector2 screenPoint) 
	float horizontalHalf = !Application.isEditor && _singlePassRenderMode ? 0.25f: 0.5f;
	//for URP
	if (UnityEngine.Rendering.GraphicsSettings.renderPipelineAsset.GetType().Name.Equals("UniversalRenderPiplineAsset"))
		horizontalHalf = 0.5f;


I'm looking into it.

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