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Unity Project Template Recommendation


the latest version of Unity supports, among others, a new project template for AR applications which pre-configures projects settings and pre-downloads additional packages/plugins. Do you recommend using the (standard) 3D template or the new AR template? In the end it does not matter so much, as it is always possible to re-configure manually, but it would still be good to get a recommendation to avoid unnecessary re-configuration (maybe also worth adding to the Guide/Instructions). 



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Thanks Jan. We recommend using the 3D Template, and we have upcoming documentation being reviewed that will address this.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response!



Hi Steve,

Which 3D template should I use? There are few options including 3D core, 3D mobile, 3D URP.

Will Spaces program consider the support of  streaming over 5G to take advantage of 3D HDRP (assuming the current SDK is not meant to support HD rendering pipeline to run on PC)?

3D core is what I use, but some here recommend 3D URP. We don't have anything to announce regarding 3D HDRP, so the focus for now is on mobile.

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Got it. Thanks. I will use what you use today to see the effect of SDK on the glasses before venturing into other enhanced rendering templates.

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