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Spaces Composition Layer component distance


I am using the newest SDK 0.21.

Gaze Pointer seems to be in fixed distance from the user. 

In previous versions (0.14) it was snapped to the UI.

Is it standard behaviour, or maybe there is some setup for that?

Hi Tomasz,

with the switch to composition layers in 0.15.0 the behavior of the gaze pointer changed and it is not changing size anymore. That's mainly because before it was located in world space and is now screen space bound.

In theory you could modify the composition layer with the use transform property and change the placement of the canvas to get the previous behaviour. Though this is rather resource intensive, which is why we decided not to do that for the gaze pointer. 

As a less resource intensive solution, you could map the size of the gaze pointer to the length of the raycast determining if it is hitting an interactable, and add a script that changes the size of the gaze pointer UI element. 

Thank you.
Another issue is that Spaces Composition Layer is not working in Unity Editor and Gaze Pointer is not visible (but is working in the build).

Are there plans for a fix, or maybe some workaround is available?

Thanks for noticing that! It looks like that's an issue we have not tracked yet. I'll report it to the team. 

I don't have a fully functioning workaround, but just for the editor you could add a dot in the screen center with a script attached that deactivates the GameObject when it's not used in the editor. 

    void Start()
        if (!Application.isEditor)

That would at least help with navigating. You should be able to see what objects you interact with when using interactable highlight colors. 

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