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Camera focus, brightness, ISO, etc.

Whether it is from within Unity or via native Android code, access to change camera settings such as: 

-FocusPoint (we want to give the user the ability to select the focus point when taking a photo)

-Exposure, ISO, Brightness, etc. - we need to adjust image, because it seems to be to bright when taking photo from i.e. computer screen

The question concerns the following devices: Lenovo A3 Glassess and Argo

Thanks in advance for the answer

Hi Tomasz,

Unfortunately, I do not have answers for Argo.

A3 was built with a rather specific use case of indoor remote calls in mind and has some hardware constraints because of that. 

On A3 the camera is using a fixed focus lens, hence the focus cannot be set programmatically.

As for exposure and other image values, you may have success using Camera2 Camera2 overview  |  Android media  |  Android Developers or CameraX CameraX overview  |  Android media  |  Android Developers  Android APIs.

I remember that we had a case where the exposure time of the A3 needed to be lowered. This required a change to a configuration file on firmware level. I can't say for certain that it is possible via existing android APIs. Especially because of the two device setup with phone and glasses the default Android APIs may just give you control over the phone camera instead of the A3 camera.

I can capture more granular camera controls as a feature request though. Could you specify what settings specifically are most ineresting to you? 

thanks for information.
Currently, the most important for us are settings connected with Exposure (i.e. (Exposure Compensation, Exposure Bias) and Focus (to manage Focus Point after user's choice).

Thanks going to add that to the FR. Please be aware that focus on A3 is limited because of camera hardware and cannot be changed. I can see exposure controls being added to the SDK in the future that would also work on A3, but the process may take several months. 

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