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Crash with camera permissions

I have AR application and issue with camera permissions probably.
I have these cases:

-build Devalopment with Script Debugging - application crashes on start (logs attached)

-build Release - application works, but all functionalities connected with Camera are not working, nothing in logs

-any build - when I run only on Motorola (glasses are disconnected), application works fine, there is camera working good

Please help.

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Hi Tomasz,

Is this related to the WebCamTexture usage or are you using our CFA in this version? 

First thing I see here is that the Plugin used is 0.14.0 - on A3 you don't need to stay that low and can go ahead with using the 0.21.0 SDK. If you have an apk created with 0.21.0 can you please test if that one works?

On A3 + Motorola Edge it's important to use the latest available firmware to be able to use the "more recent" experimental features like CFA. Here an overview of the latest software versions: 

Usually, any Android 13 version should work, and A3 updated to the latest available firmware. Please comment your versions of firmware on glasses and phone, As well as Snapdragon Spaces Services version on the device. 

You are getting the error XR_ERROR_FORM_FACTOR_UNAVAILABLE which usually refers to an incompatible setup of the firmware and or Snapdragon Spaces services. Please try reinstalling the Snapdragon Spaces Services following this guide:

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