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Document and SDK feature mismatch: Snapping

I tried to use 'SnapPose' to add interaction to the new HandGesture to the object, but unlike the documentation, features such as 'hand pose ref' in 'XRHandInteractableSnapPose' or 'scale' in 'XRHandInteractableSnapPoseProvider' are not implemented.

Did the feature just pre-write what will be updated in future versions in the document, or is the feature missing in SDK?

For your information, the version of SDK currently in use is 0.21.0 and the pages of the document referenced are as follows.

And in this forum, if I register a post, it's not registered or it's registered a long time later, is this designed intentionally?

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in order to avoid spam posts, every new post needs to be verified by a member of my team before being visible to the public. Usually this may only take a couple of hours, but depending on time zone and support availaibility on ours side it may take more time. 

The documentation should be up to date. Scale and hand pose ref shoud be available for you to use. 

Have you taken a look at the QCHT samples that come with the SDK? The pinch cube (Assets/Samples/QCHT Unity Interactions/4.1.5/QCHT Samples/Proximal/Prefabs/ProximalSnappingCube.prefab) is a good example of how to use the feature. 

Your screenshot shows only one added pose that would be used to interpolate inbetween hand sizes. Please add one more pose and the slider should show up. The reference to the XRHandInteractableSnapPose is automatically added to the list of poses based on the child objects of the object with the XRHandInteractableSnapPoseProvider. 

click plus or minus to update the list automatically based on parent child relationship of the objects.