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現在Unityで開発中のプロジェクトにてSpacesSDK 0.14.0を使用しておりカメラ



Hi, I translated your question and hope that that will suffice for communication. 

The Snapdragon Spaces SDK should automatically request camera permissions before starting an app. You do not need to implement that yourself. 

A couple questions:

  • Is there a reason you are using the 0.14.0 SDK?
  • What device are you using?
  • What is the version of the Snapdragon Spaces Services on that device?

Camera Frame Access in 0.14.0 was rather new and not available for all devices. If you are using VRX, the device is not on the allowlist for Camera Frame Access in this version of the SDK.

Camera Frame Access has changed and improved a lot since the 0.14.0 release, and I would recommend upgrading to the 0.21.0 SDK or the SDK.

In Unity you can access the Snapdragon Spaces samples via the Package Manager 

Here is a more detailed guide on the feature: Camera Frame Access Sample (  

Please provide some more details, screenshots, or videos if possible. 





Permissions Request

This application requires permissions granted to function properly.

Do you want to request permissions?



・Is there a reason you are using the 0.14.0 SDK?


・What device are you using?

→「motorola edge 30 Pro」と「ThinkReality A3」を使用しております

・What is the version of the Snapdragon Spaces Services on that device?








When the android permission dialogue pops up you need to confirm the permissions. Please check if the Snapdragon Spaces Services and your own application do have all permissions (Camera, Display over other apps) granted. Don't uncomment the code requesting the permission in the SDK plugin. The camera access permission is necessary for camera frame access and other perception features to work. 

Could you please look up the firmware versions installed on your Motorola Edge device and A3? It should at least be Android 13.

You can find the firmware of your glasses in TR Hub in the About section. 

You can find the latest firmware versions at

Generally I would recommend updating your Motorola Edge phone to the newly released 0.21.0 Snapdragon Spaces Services following this guide:

Compatibility between 0.14.0 plugin and 0.21.0 services should be possible, but I would advise to update your project to 0.21.0 as well. 






その際、Snapdragon Spaces Servicesにはすべての権限が付与されていることも確認しております


motorola edge 30 Pro

→Android 13

ThinkReality A3







In a later version of Snapdragon Spaces, we moved the camera permission dialogue before the launch of the unity activity to address this issue. It should be fixed by upgrading the Snapdragon Spaces SDK of your project and updating the Snapdragon Spaces services. 

Thanks for the info on your firmware. It seems up to date and is not causing the issue.

Please let me know if that works for you. 

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