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Snapdragon Spaces SDK 0.14.0 Gaze Pointer issue


I am using SNapdragon Spaces SDK 0.14.0. I have noticed that sometimes Gaze Pointer is not filling full circle or is not filling at all and triggers click input on the button.

In the sample scene Main Menu, it is reproduceable when we point the Gaze Pointer on the edge of the button's collider. 

I have noticed, that when it's behaviour is incorrect, input is triggered from:  

UnityEngine.XR.Interaction.Toolkit.UI.UIInputModule:Update () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit@2.5.1/Runtime/UI/UIInputModule.cs:146)

  And when it is correct, it comes from:


Qualcomm.Snapdragon.Spaces.Samples.GazeInteractionUI:UpdateGazeCounter () (at Assets/Snapdragon Spaces/0.14.0/Core/Shared Assets/Scripts/Interaction/GazeInteractionUI.cs:114)

Please see attached video.

Please share solution for that, it happens more often on our custom panels - maybe there is some dependency that is coming from specific Unity's UI layouts or controls that cause this issue? 

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