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Camera stream with AR overlay (likes ARFoundation/ARCameraManager in Android/iOS)

AR Foundation/ARCamera can obtain "Camera stream with AR overlay" in Android/iOS.

  *in page top

(direct link :

I want to get "Camera stream with AR overlay" like this link.

Do you have any plans to implement it?

I want to send a "Camera stream with AR overlay" using WebRTC.

ARCemeraManager Camera Frame Access Sample( ) is only camera stream.




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The CFA feature gives access to the raw camera frames. If you wanted to get a combined real world and virtual (augmented) texture, you would need to merge them together manually. 

A hacky way with some alignment issues would be rendering both of them into UI elements with raw textures and overlaying them on a canvas.

A more complicated approach would merge them together with Graphics.Blit, taking into account camera extrinsics & intrinsics. 

We do not have this on our roadmap currently. I will be filing this as a feature request for our product team to consider. 

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