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"XR_ERROR_TIME_INVALID" when trying to run sample scenes such as Image Tracking


I am using v13 of the spaces APK and unity Package as that is the supported version on my specific target device.

I set up OpenXR properly and built the sample scenes, but unfortunately there seems to be an issue with the camera which prevents tracking from being able to happen.

Attached are the errors via logcat. Perhaps this kind of tracking is not supported on this device? Or is there a way to get it working? OpenXR/Snapdragon are set up and configured properly, and I am just trying to build the snapdragon core sample for image tracking as an initial test. Any clues to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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What is your specific target device? 

What is the combination of Snapdragon Spaces Services and Unity Plugin you are using? Are both 0.13.0? 

There are several limitations to the 0.13.0 SDK - from your screenshot I can tell that CFA is used but blocked for your device in this version of the SDK for example. 

A full logcat that is not filtered by application would be very useful for debugging, if you can provide it. 

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