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How to get the image stream of VST?

At present, only the interface can open VST, but now I want to get the image stream of VST.

For the moment, we can just enable the VST mode but could not get VST frame. Now we are tyring to develop a demo, so we'd like to merge some rendered objects with the VST frame, can you provide an interface to achieve the target?

In case you haven't found it yet (sorry for the late reply), we are providing camera frame access via the ARFoundation API. Here's our documentation for the feature:  Camera Frame Access Sample ( 

This doesn't need the VST feature to be enabled. 

You will need to make some adjustments to overlay the camera texture and the virtual content with correct alignment. Please consider the following:

  • The application update rate and the camera frame rate are different. Do not use the headset pose but the ar camera extrinsics pose to avoid misalignment.
  • The lens distortion is going to cause misalignment if not accounted for.
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