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Gaze Pointer's offset in Unity Android build

I am encountering an issue with the Gaze Pointer's offset on Argo device (which is not supported, but I hope it is maybe universal problem).

 Attached Figures A and B illustrate the functionality in the Unity Editor, where everything appears to be working correctly. Specifically, when the Gaze Pointer does not raycast on a button, there is no highlight, as expected.

However, Figure C shows the behavior on the Argo device (Android build), which is different. When moving beyond the button's area, the button's area still seems to be detected within a certain range. This issue persists across the entire UI, even when there are no interactable elements within the Gaze Pointer's range. Furthermore, when placing a Screen Space Canvas on the scene, and positioning the Gaze Pointer centrally, it appears incorrectly shifted to the right on the Argo device (as shown in Figure D).

I would appreciate any insights into what might be causing this issue, as well as suggestions for potential solutions. Is there a specific way the Gaze Pointer should be set up to address this?

Thank you for your help in advance.

I'm also having the same problem. Does anyone have the answer?

The gaze pointer should work "out of the box" when adding the Interaction prefab to your scene. When using standard XRIT component setups on your Game Objects and adjusting their colliders accordingly, this should not happen. We have an XRIT sample available at Assets/Samples/Snapdragon Spaces/[Snapdragon Spaces version]/Core Samples/Scenes/XR Interaction Toolkit Sample/XR Interaction Toolkit Sample.unity. 

There is also a Button prefab available at Assets/Samples/Snapdragon Spaces/ [Snapdragon Spaces version] /Core Samples/Shared Assets/Prefabs/UI/Button XR UI Interactable.prefab 

Please check your Scene and Button Setup again. 

This gaze pointer offset is not a known issue. If the samples above do not help, could you share a small sample project (and apk) with steps to reproduce please? 

@Agarioqv - what device and Snapdragon Spaces version are you using? 

Thank you for sharing the XRIT sample and Button prefab. I will try them now. 


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