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[VRX] Snapdragon Spaces Unity package force removes android internet permissions

Issue: The snapdragon spaces package removes internet permission from the build androidmanifest.xml during the build process.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Expected: Internet permission should not be stripped from either auto-generated manifest or custom manifest. This behavior should be optional similar to the Meta Quest Support OpenXR Feature where it provides the option to force remove internet permissions.

Unity: 2022.3.10f1

Snapdragon Spaces Version: 17

Device: Thinkreality VRX


  • Blank URP android project
  • Import snapdragon spaces package
  • Import QCHT Unity Interactions
  • Create custom android manifest with android.permission.INTERNET 
  • Build project
  • Analyze apk manifest using preferred tool. Notice internet permission is stripped.

Looking for recommendations of how to solve this issue in the interim.

Hi Cody,

Please look at the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this solution article for a workaround  Helpdesk : Qualcomm

Note that this is not a bug coming from Snapdragon Spaces but coming from Unity's OpenXR plugin for Meta Quest modifying settings. Feel free to report it to Unity as well to give fixing this some more weight. 

Let me know if that helped. Others have uses a post gradle callback script to modify the option automatically after the gradle project is created to resolve this. 


Thanks for the quick reply. Wow, that is a subtle catch. Will report that bug asap.

I recommend noting that in the quick start up guide until it's rectified, if possible.

I'll make a note of it. Usually we only put permanent issues in the instructions and (hopefully) non permanent items like this one go into the FAQ. 

Here's a link to the Unity Issue Tracker - [OpenXR] Option ForceRemoveInternetPermission is enabled by default when the OpenXR package is added ( 

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